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The Platform

Poverty To Promise

We live in Rowan County, NC where according to data from March 2018, 55% of our children live in poor or near poor homes which have a negative impact on education, health and economic outcomes. Women between the ages of 25-34 are the largest demographic living in poverty here in Rowan. I would like to implement a minority housing initiative & a program called "Poverty to Promise."  These initiatives would seek to reduce &/or eliminate generational curses of poverty by pairing applicants to companies providing training & employment opportunities & would assist in finding  mental health resources to those that need assistance overcoming those barriers as well.  

United By A Common Goal

There are a number of issues that need to be reviewed & addressed to improve the quality of life for residents & the climate for business in Rowan County. I will work in cooperation with other board members to address them all, but the most pressing needs & my highest priorities are (1) Promoting Economic Development-Countywide in both urban & farm areas (2) Enhancing Public Safety-With an emphasis on reviewing &refining hiring & training policies & procedures; and (3) Supporting Public Education at all levels to assure that Rowan County students have equal access to the quality of education they deserve

Vocational Education

In the US the traditional path is to finish high school then worry about a career later; however giving students the opportunity to "try out" their chosen careers early on can better prepare them for the future. My suggestion is to work with the School Board & Other Commissioners to implement a Vocational Certification program available to ALL RSSS High school students, regardless of transportation challenges. This will be a Public/Private partnership with local businesses giving the students the opportunity of receiving experience & certification. This program will allow students upon graduation to go straight to work or start their own business right here in Rowan County!


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